Well, this year is coming to it’s end, and I’m almost about to close the door to my studio. This is the last page I’m posting for this year, a little too early as I expect you’ll all be with your family instead of browsing the net on Christmas.
But I’m not leaving without saying thnak you: this year was very special for me, my book has finally reached the shelves. Okay, I expected the regular readers to buy it, and I also expected a positive feedback from people who follow the project for some time, well I hope for it.
But what is happening in those last weeks really blows me away. The first run is almost completely sold out, within 2,5 month. The second run has been printed and has reached the publisher last week. And I get such nice feedback, photos, reviews, mails, messages. Sorry I can’t manage to answer rightaway and in detail, but please be sure, this is all highly appreciated.
And what goes for the readers, also goes for the press, there’s almost not a day passing by that I get a Google Alert, pointing me on a new article. I even been interviewed on radio and showed my face on television.
Next year I will work hard to bring the book to other countries. I hope I can make it.
But to be honest, these last few weeks were alos a bit exhausting, next to all the promotional stuff I had to work my daily business, which always reaches it’s peak around the last months of the year. Which is why I’m really looking forward to some quite days with my family, doing not much, maybe get to read a book or two.
There will be not much happening here until next year, and if there’s news, you’ll find it on Facebook.
I wish you all great and happy holidays, take a rest or party hard, just as you like it. I’ll see you all next year. I guess it won’t be as exciting as this one, but never say never. In the meantime I will raise my glas to you, the best readers one can wish for. Cheers! And thanks a lot!


Wayne Gibson – Under My Thumb