Few days, then it starts again, the yearly Mod & Sixties-Weekender at the Rhine site, this year for the first time after some time in Linz. This weekender goes into its twentieth year this year. And two years later I’m off to Germany’s biggest Comicevent, the Comicsalon in Erlangen. Of course I’m attending both events, also promoting my little project. This is a new sticker, that I’ll be producing for this, according to Wesels advertising style of the Eighties. Also I’ll be taking some ‘Flamingo‘-Prints to Linz: who wants to order one in advance, please let me know. Well, now the only thing I need to worry about is the concentrated lack of sleep I’m about to experience. Maybe I should sleep 14 hours a day these sdays to be prepared.

Madness – Embarassement